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Repair, replace, supply, installation

Appliance repairs:

Washing machines, washer dryers, cookers, ovens, hobs & traditional fridges. Repaired and replaced.

We no longer repair American style fridge/freezers, microwaves, warming drawers or Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp or LG appliances. 



Solutions to your appliance problem. 

Popular problems you may be able to solve yourself: 

This is not advice and is for guidance purposes only.


Hotpoint oven dial spinning around: 

It may be simply a replacement dial (available on Ebay/amazon) to confirm this is the issue simply pull the dial straight off and swap with a dial from the alternative side and see if it now has resistance.


Black spots on dishes:

This could be a water management problem, be sure to regularly add dishwasher salt & rinse aid, never ever ever put normal dish washer soap (fairy liquid) into your dishwasher or washing machine!


Noisy fridge freezer: 

If its noisy it may be a fan rubbing against a build up of ice, The appliance may be over whelmed with ice and would need to be switched off to defrost itself, the ice may not be visible as the fan may be hidden subject to brand. The minimum time to defrost is 24 hours.


Black marks on washing machine door seal:

With so many washes being low temperature in some circumstances there may be a bacteria build up and the bacteria cultivates and spreads on the seal, regular hot/boil washes will help reduce the risk and should help to kill the spread, staining may still be present but the spread should be reduced. 


Water present in the bottom filter:

There is always a small amount of water within the filter, the reason for the water presence is to stop smells coming up through the drains, this water can normally be absorbed by a reasonable sized towel, if there is water still in the drum a blockage may be present if the filter s removed there will be flooding, its best to scoop the water out of the drum prior to the filter removal.


Door not opening:

Some washing machine doors have a 3 minute time delay, forcing the door to open prior to the lock disengaging may result in door handle/lock damage. This will need an engineers attention but to get the door open in this situation some machines have a release lever which is located behind the kick panel on the bottom of the appliance, its only on some machines not all of them.


Oven bulbs:

Some Neff, Bosch & Siemens ovens have a special glass cover which needs a special tool to remove the cover prior to replacing the bulb, these tools are available online.


Kitchen/cabinet fitting team available to reintegrate your appliance if we have to supply a replacement. 


Repairs of Bosch, Neff, Siemens, Hotpoint, Indesit, Beko, hoover, Belling, Candy, Ariston, Whirlpool etc

New appliances arriving daily contact us to see what appliance solution best serves you. 


We no longer repair American style fridge/freezers or Samsung & LG appliances, although we have similar sizes in other appliances if you wish to change the appliance.


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